Tamar Beridze Rusudan Chagelishvili Brian Gilmour Nana Rezesidze Nino Sulava


Two reconnaissance expeditions from the Georgian National Museum, in 2013 and 2014, established that the Lechkhumi Caucasian mountain region was exploited for copper during the late Bronze Age. This region is also central to the legendary late Bronze Age visits to Colchis (western Georgia) by Jason and the Argonauts, mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey and recounted in more detail by Apollonius of Rhodes. In 2016-2018 exploratory work plus more detailed archaeological, analytical and geological investigations at the Dogurashi group of sites north-east of Tsageri showed these as being active during the 13th-9th centuries BC. This group of three Dogurashi sites is being investigated as is the associated ore extraction. Previously this industry was known only from chance discoveries of metalwork hoards which included broken-up copper ingots, smaller copper alloy cakes and finished artefacts.


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